Gopalpur Industrial Park (GIP) is an investment destination located in the state of Odisha, on the eastern coast of India. Spanning over 2,970 acres, GIP offers multi-product Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) to create an extraordinary tomorrow.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India has notified 1,235 acres as SEZ, while the Industrial Development Corporation of Odisha (IDCO), Government of Odisha has leased 1,735 acres as DTA. These units are eligible for various incentives given by the State and Central Government.

Note: The SEZ units are required to have a posive Net Foreign Exchange Earning (NFE).

The unique features of GIP include:


GIP has strategically designed road- maps, form and function of units, residential spaces in the proximity and more.


400 MVA of power supply (220 KV/33KV) is available for the units within GIP and the same will be provided till the nearest E-House of a unit.


GIP has robust water infrastructure in terms of existing Retention Ponds and proposed Desalination Plant and Common Effluent Treatment Plant.


GIP has a well-planned road network of over 42 Kms. All the units will be connected via a series of arterial and sub-arterial roads to the main trunk road, that is connected with NH-16.


GIP has a state-of-the-art undergroundcollection system. Sewerage collected from units aretreated in sewerage treatment plantand used for horticulture purposes. Additionally, a network of surface and flooding wastewater drainage is linked to treatment facility


The fire prevention station at GIP is well-equipped in accordance with the requirements for safety of industrial facilities.


A check point at the entrance to the customs control zone for SEZ units helps smoothen the customs processes.

Enjoy flexibility at GIP

Choose land for your business

You can build your business from scratch to achieve your goals. GIP offers land equipped with vital engineering, transport, and social infrastructure. All the land plots have a connection to utility lines and easy access to roads.

Build a factory for your business

The team at GIP can build factories as per your requirements. Just provide the details of the design and we will build to match it.

Rent a building for your business

GIP offers you up to 10,000 sq. ft. of industrial sheds on rent. The sheds are equipped with power, water, road, and drainage connections for a hassle-free business establishment.